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Casa al Chino; Casa al Colle, is the evocative name of the La Torre estate.
Set on the edge of a romantic cypress-lined avenue, it welcomes its guests to an atmosphere of yesteryear.

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The choice of the labels of the DOCG line is not accidental but derives from the fact that the owner Enrico Angiolini, besides being a passionate landscape painter, is one of the most important collectors in Italy of the ” TUSCAN MACCHIAIOLI”; fundamental current after that of ‘impressionism.

What is more, the Macchiaioli painted the rural world of the ‘era and the activities connected with it.
Hence the choice for Chianti Colli Senesi of the work ” Stradina di Settignano ” by Telemaco Signorini, which best depicts what is the typical Tuscan village and represents what is the Tuscan wine par excellence : CHIANTI.
From here, the combination of art and good wine is evident.

For the two Vernaccia di San Gimignano wines, we have chosen the details of two important paintings depicting female figures convivially married to the elegance of the “White Queen.”

For the TOSCANA IGT line, we have not abandoned the “painting” that is evident at the top of the labels, where we decided to use real brushstrokes of color, albeit very playful. Even the names help to understand the ‘idea of conviviality behind these wines: typical expressions of the Tuscan dialect ” BADALUI” and ” BIRBONE” , and of the Leghorn dialect ” BAGIOGIE” ( guancie) , to recall in some way the Labronian origins of the family.

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You can spontaneously taste La Torre wines during our opening hours from
Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Or you can book a tasting in advance here on the website or through our contact options.

Individual requests

For individuals, larger groups and companies, we offer additional arrangements, tastings and offers upon request.

Travel, lodging and catering can also be arranged.

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3 WINES (Vernaccia La Villa, Chianti Colli Senesi Stradina and IGT Rosato Badalui)

Price per person

20,00 €

Content of the offer


4 WINES (Vernaccia La Villa , Vernaccia Acquaiole, Chianti Riserva Le Chiacchere, IGT Vermentino Bagiogie)

Content of the offer

Price per person
Ab 50.00


WINES (Vermentino Bagiogie, Rosato Badalui, Rosso Birbone)

Price per person

25,00 €

Content of the offer

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The surrounding landscape is one of nature’s most beautiful and poetic. It also invites you to spend a relaxing moment in the spicy air that smells of vines and olive trees.

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