Enrico Angiolini

Fattoria La Torre was acquired in September 1960 by Alvaro Angiolini, father of Enrico, the current owner,
The ‘purchase was dictated by Alvaro’s passion for agriculture but especially for hunting , a passion in turn inherited from his father as the estate was and still is an area devoted to hunting.

It must be said that Alvaro Angiolini was a graphic industrialist and did not participate in the direct running of the ‘company, which, however, he had the pleasure of keeping for the two passions we mentioned earlier.

Initially the farm did not have real vineyards as we understand them today but plots of land of different sizes intended for various crops and in turn surrounded by a row of vines and fruit trees.

Seeing, however, that the exposure and structure of the plots of land were particularly suitable for the cultivation of vines, the planting of specialized vineyards began, and the farm began to develop into a winery.
What is more, the territory was expanded to the Gambassi provincial road where the structure called Casalchino is currently located.

With increased production accompanied by good product quality in the late 1960s, the Tower began producing its first bottles.

Work was increasing and therefore in May 1975 his son Enrico left his job as an engineer at a large Milanese engineering company to devote himself to the ‘company as a winemaker , bottler and seller of the product.
So it was that the Fattoria within 30 years re-increased its production to 220/230 thousand bottles by positioning it both on the Italian market and that of foreign countries especially the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria and other…

Unfortunately, the gradual departure from the company of his son Enrico from 2010 onward for personal reasons, but accompanied by good collaborators , has led to a continuous slowdown in sales.

But today, after a total corporate reorganization, the company is off to a great start.



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